Slopes to Slingshot

2022 Riding Season at Rolling Freedom Motorcycles Lake Tahoe Begins on April 1st!

The weather is warming up and the roads are cleared of snow.  We are super excited for the 2022 riding season in Lake Tahoe.  We have been working really hard during the winter to bring the best cruising experience to Lake Tahoe.  We think we might be on to something.  This winter, we purchased a custom-built 4-seat Polaris Slingshot to cruise Lake Tahoe.  Last year, our 2-Seat Polaris Slingshot was BY FAR our biggest hit with the Tahoe community.

One thing we consistently heard from our customers is that they would like to experience 2 Slingshots so they could cruise the Lake with their family or friends.

We heard this message loud and clear.  Not only did we get a second Slingshot to cruise Lake Tahoe, we went to Dallas,Texas and purchased a custom 4-seater Slingshot built by Joey’s Illusions.  These extended Slingshots are rare and are a really fun way to experience the beauty of the scenery of the Tahoe region with family and friends.

One of the great things about the Polaris Slingshot is that it does not require a motorcycle endorsement to drive.  The minimum requirements are to have a valid Driver’s License and be 25 years of age or older.

Stop by our shop and check it out for yourself!